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Chapala Properties

Carr. Poniente #262, Plaza La Huerta, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

“Tengo  alma de mercader y es por eso que disfruto lo que hago. Trabajo como un sastre ofreciendo el servicio a la medida. Estoy interesada en comprender las necesidades de mis clientes y centrar mi trabajo en encontrar el espacio ideal que están buscando, más allá de mis intereses económicos. Vender o comprar una propiedad va acompañado de entusiasmo, proyectos y sueños, emociones que deben ser atendidas en cada cliente que me busca asesoramiento. Me gusta acompañar a cada uno de ellos profesionalmente, estableciendo una relación de confianza mutua”.


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Magy Carmona
Address:  Carr. Poniente #262, Plaza La Huerta, Ajijic, Jalisco
Phone:  +52 (376) 688 1725
Mobile:  +52 1 (33) 3190 1271

MAGY CARMONA Broker & National Certified Real Estate Agent by AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) and CONOCER (Consejo Nacional de Certificación Profesional) bilingual agent with 6 years of experience in selling, buying and renting properties in the Chapala and Guadalajara Areas. Bilingual entrepreneur of restless character always in search of opportunities to establish alliances between the community. Active member in society with business acumen. Psychologist of training originally from Guadalajara, after 20 years of practice decides to turn around her life and reinvent herself entering the Real Estate world in the area of Chapala where she has been living for 8 years.“I have a merchant soul and that is why I enjoy what I do. I work as a tailor with "made-to-measure" service. I am interested in understanding the needs of my clients and focusing my work on finding the ideal space they are looking for, beyond my economic interests. Selling or buying a property is accompanied by enthusiasm, projects and dreams, emotions that must be taken care of in each client that seeks me for advice. I like to accompany each of them professionally, establishing a relationship of mutual trust”.
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