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Ana Isabel Gama Cervantes
Ana Isabel Gama Cervantes
Company:   Hernandez Realty Group

Phone: (376) 766-2103 or 766-2139

Mobile: 33 1304 1317

Fax: (376) 766-2103 or 766-2139

Address: Carr. Chapala-Ajijic #36-38, Ajijic, Jalisco

License: Real Estate Agent
Company:  |  Hernandez Realty Group

My name is Ana Isabel Gama Cervantes, I was born in Chapala Jalisco. My mother was born in Chapala and my father was born in Ocotlán. They met in Chapala and got married, they had 6 children and we went to live in Guadalajara Jalisco, but it was not comfortable for us and we returned to live again in Chapala, because it is a quiet and beautiful town where you can breathe clean air and live comfortably. I have grown up accompanied by my brothers and where my parents educated us with good values. I worked as an assistant in a construction company and now I work in real estate, but also in my favorite free time I teach Zumba classes.

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