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Veronica Guzman
calle Morelos #170-B, Chapala, Jalisco veronica.bauerhouse@gmail.com +52 3766881980 0013107551226
Hal Forsyth
Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco askhal@choosechapala.com (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 (331)-407-1917
- REAL ESTATE DONE DIFFERENTLY -  Hal’s desire is to be a DIFFERENT kind of Real Estate Agent and to build lasting relationships with INTEGRITY. With 15 plus years of living in Mexico, Mexican home renovation and the Lake Chapala Real Estate Market, Hal understands the needs and goals of his clients, and is fond of saying "I don't do problems.... I do solutions" His design background perfectly suits showcasing and selling your unique home. His popular YouTube channel showcases those market
Kristina Morgan (Broker)
Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco askkristina@choosechapala.com (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 +52 331-305-9974 MX, +1 901-949-3383 US
As the Broker at Lake Chapala Real Estate (LCRE), Kristina brings over two decades of living at the Lake Chapala area, and U.S. licenses as a Realtor, Broker and General Contractor. She is also fully bilingual. Kristina has an uncanny people sense and, as broker, is in a unique position to expertly pair you with the LCRE Agent most suited to your needs. She will then oversee the alliance and make sure your needs are successfully met as you navigate the real estate process in Mexico. Kristina
Rodrigo De Alba
Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco rodrigo@chapalarealtors.com 376-766-7000 333-170-0663
Rodrigo have lived in different areas of Mexico and in Germany, since 25 years ago he settled in the Lake Chapala Area. He is the owner of a well know business in the Gastronomy since then. He speaks fluently four languages, graduated from the University Tec de Monterrey with the degree of Business Administration and Economics. He is very well informed about Mexico´s Economy, Social and Politics and as well of the local community. Rodrigo knows exactly where in the area has pros and cons and w
Angelo De Aguinaga Nepote (Broker)
Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic. Office Opens: M-F 9-5 S 10-2 Sunday 11-2, Ajijic, Jalisco angelo@chapalajara.com (376) 106-1206 (33) 3556-4343
With more than 26 Successful Years on Sales and Real Estate Experience. Knowledge, Responsibility and Control Working for You!
Justo  Ramírez
Colón 41-B, Ajijic, Jalisco justo.retrinity@gmail.com 376 688 2670 (332) 803-8457 US (206)714-6435
Justo's work ethic, knowledge of the Chapala area, and his passion for Real Estate will make sure you make the right choice to relocate. As a business owner, he owns and manages Airbnb's in Ajijic, he knows that in Real Estate location is incredibly important not only for buying, but for reselling.  Bilingual English- Spanish, over 15 years of experience in the customer service in the Restaurant Industry in USA (Northwest). College graduate from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. He and
Jim & Yolanda
Constitucion #26,, Ajijic, Jalisco askyolanda@choosechapala.com (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 332- 969-1913
James Miller was a Community Bank president in Iowa. As a community leader he also enjoyed civic service and volunteering as a fireman, first responder, and emergency rescue technician. His greatest joy in banking was enabling people to buy a home. With Miller’s history in giving back to his neighbors, he has decided to continue that path here at Lakeside by joining the Chapala Bomberos (volunteer firemen). His background in aviation and drones helped him to initiate thermal image aerial ob
Suzi Finucane
Morelos #4, Ajijic, Jalisco, Ajijic, Jalisco suzif@ajijic.com 766-2331 33 2218 8517
Suzi Finucane. (Fin •ooh •can) is an award winning real estate specialist in residential, land/lots and investment properties with over 40 years experience that includes; owner and managing Broker of 25 Agents in Oregon in three Branch offices. Suzi was a Trainer/Coach. Suzi has been a New Construction Specialistwho managed the marketing of four projects with a total combined four subdivisions totaling over 225 new construction houses plus a real estate advisor for investment properties. Su
Tammy Bourassa
Carretera Oriente # 31A, Ajijic, Jalisco tammy@ajijicparadise.com 3323017120 +1727036603826
For the last 30 years, I’ve served clients in numerous roles. I truly enjoy developing and nurturing these relationships over time. I love assisting clients in reaching their desired goal! My driving force has always been to provide the best customer experience while achieving the greatest results. I was born in the US and moved from Florida to Ajijic in 2022. Living here is truly like living in paradise! From the beautiful architecture to the lake and mountain views, it just doesn’t get bet
Laura Diaz
Carr. Chapala-Ajijic #36-38, Ajijic, Jalisco laura@hernandezrg.com 3767662103 3316028217
Laura Díaz 52 años navidad en ajijic, viví en Estados Unidos de América por mas de 20 años,. fui director de 2 revistas y un periodo o latino en Hawaii, periódico latino en Hawaii, resido actualmente en Ajijic trabaje para otras agencias inmobiliarias, siendo Hernandez en donde recientemente formo parte del equipo de ventas, conozco los gustos y estoy familiarizada con los procedimientos de venta y promoción siendo una de mis especialidades el trato con las personas.
Adriana Diaz
Av. Hidalgo 234-b Riberas del Pilat, Chapala, Jalisco adriana@lagomontanarealestate.com 3339551625 3339551625
Erick Cerda
Colon, 41, Chapala, Jalisco erick.retrinity@gmail.com 3766882670 3319044459
Born in Chapala, left Mexico when I was 15 years old. Lived in different countries in Europe, North America, and in Brasil.I am a proactive person with a great sense of responsibility in the projects I embrace.I adapt myself to any circumstance that is required of me as well as always give my best.I’m loyal, sincere, and trustworthy.Love the Chapala area, it’s people and it’s weather. I will be very happy to help you to find the perfect house for you
Xiomara (Z) Gomez
Colon # 29, Ajijic, Jalisco xiomara@lloydajijic.com 33 45 21 47 81 33 11 77 88 15
Hi, my name is Xiomara Gomez, but you can call me "Z". After living in the United State for over twenty years, I moved to Lakeside with my retired husband and we love the area ! My background involves both sales and home health and I am dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. Being both bi-lingual and having personally purchased several homes here at Lakeside, I know what is involved and will work with you through-out the process weather listing or selling a property. I will go the
Mike Smith
San Luis #449A, Chapala, Jalisco mike7129@yahoo.com 3767661737 3313888484
Aranza Pamplona
Carr. Oriente #57 Int. 1, Ajijic, Jalisco pamplonatelier@gmail.com (376) 766-1186 333 470 2300
Ready to help!
José Manuel Covarrubias
Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco covame@century21accessmex.com (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 332 215 2377
Born in Guadalajara, since childhood I have spent much of my life in Chapala and its surroundings. I am the third generation of a family of real estate agents in Guadalajara and now integrant of Century 21, a Worldwide Leader in Real Estate. Details oriented and willing to create an informed, fluid and successful experience in the process of buying or selling real estate, in every one of my clients. Integral expertise in the Chapala area, third generation realtor now, part Century 21, a Worldw
Blanca Soto
Carr. Chapala-Ajijic #36-38, Ajijic, Jalisco Blanca@hernandezrg.com 3767662103 33 3219 3352
ARQ BLANCA SOTO I was born and raised in the state of Sinaloa, but have lived in the Chapala area for about 9 years, I have a Bachelor´s degree in Architecture, and have worked in different constructions companies in Sinaloa and Guadalajara for more than ten years, I lived 3 years in London, England where I learned English and had the opportunity to travel around Europe where I loved to meet people from all over the world, which helped me learn about different cultures and connecting with peop
Claudia Cervantes
Morelos 4, Ajijic, Jalisco claudia@ajijic.com (376) 766-2077 (331) 573-4232
Nací y crecí en Ajijic. Estudié derecho en la Universidad de Guadalajara. Soy una persona objetiva, perseverante, responsable y confiable. Sé escuchar a las personas y entender sus necesidades. Tengo varios años de experiencia en ventas y trato al cliente.Mi objetivo es desarrollar una carrera en bienes inmuebles. Dame la oportunidad de ayudarte, no te decepcionaré. I was born and raised in Ajijic. I studied law at the University of Guadalajara. I am an objective, persevering, responsible
Raymond Padilla
Carr. Chapala-Jocotepec #159-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco monchisxx@gmail.com (376) 766-1776 333-131-4661
Raymond “Ray” Padilla is a native Californian who has remained connected to Mexico since childhood as his parents and three siblings visited family in Jalisco annually.  When Ray sold his parent’s ranch in San Juan de los Lagos years ago, he caught the real estate bug.  As a manager/officer of private banking in the U.S., Ray acquired the skills to guide clients in their investments and provide custom service to meet their needs.  In addition, over the past 25 years, Ray has established
Jesús Villa-Lobos
Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco jesus@chapalarealtors.com 376-766-7000 333-662-1093
   My life's passion is helping people through providing commercial, legal and financial trustworthy guidance and solving problems. As a specialized real estate attorney, I have the leverage to make things happen.  I ensure that the transaction is legally in order, a tax strategy and the right price among other issues. My goal is to make the process as smooth as possible.
      My career has taken me from working in the trust department at Banamex, dealing with “fideiciomisos" (trust

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