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Chapalajara Bienes Raices
Chapalajara Bienes Raices
(376) 106-1206 or (376) 766 36 10
Carr. Poniente #63 and #65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco, 45920

Damos Asesoría, Promoción, Administración, Construcción y Remodelación de Bienes Raíces. Ubicados y Especializados en la Ribera de Chapala, específicamente en Ajijic, corazón del movimiento y mayor oferta de servicios comerciales, turísticos y sociales. Nuestra especialidad (de ahí el nombre "Chapalajara") es atender al mercado nacional; principalmente el mercado de Guadalajara.  El cual ve en Chapala un lugar de descanso, esparcimiento, disfrute e Inversión y claro está, una opción de retiro/cambio de residencia, la cual es cada vez mas común dentro del mercado nacional, lo que nos otorga una misión con propósito de servicio.

Chapalajara Bienes Raíces, ofrece un enfoque de servicio y resultados basado en 22 años de experiencia en ventas y servicio al cliente por parte de su director.

¡¡Bienvenido a la Ribera de Chapala!! Un paraíso para Guadalajara...  Naturalmente!!

Visión: Contar con la preferencia del mercado nacional, debido a una trayectoria de logros compartidos y ser reconocidos por tener y mantener el propósito de asesorar realmente al prospecto para invertir/comprar lo que le convenga realmente y no este basado nuestro servicio exclusivamente en lo que necesitamos venderle.

Misión: Atender al mercado nacional como se merece, tal como se le ha venido ofreciendo el servicio al extranjero durante mas de 3 décadas. Detectando sus verdaderas necesidades con nuestra experiencia; y así, con el conocimiento que contamos del mercado local y también de las CULTURAS tanto local como de la metrópoli de Guadalajara, podamos entonces entender que le será funcional para el prospecto en los 3 temas principales:

1. Residencial; Tipo de vivienda, ubicación y presupuesto.

2. Social; ¿Convivencia con extranjeros?, ¡fraccionamiento o coto residencial?, con/sin cada club?.

3. Patrimonial; Condiciones comerciales para adquirir la propiedad, plusvalía, etc. Otorgando así un servicio integral, eficaz y oportuno. Entregar un servicio Profesional que logre entender muy bien las necesidades del cliente y que podamos así brindarle el servicio que sí necesita, para que adquiera el bien raíz adecuado, pues estará "aterrizado" en sus necesidades de compra y no en nuestras necesidades de venta.

We provide all Real Estate tools, selling, buying advisement, promotion, construction and remodeling.
Located and specialized in the Lake Chapala area, specifically in Ajijic, that offers commmercial, tourist, social and cultural services.

Our specialty (like our name says, "Chapalajara") is to serve the national market, mainly the Guadalajara market, which sees in Chapala a place to rest, recreation, enjoyment and investment opportunity or an option of retirement and change of residence, which is very common in the national market, and at the same time we also help the americans, canadians and all different nationalities to find a dream home in our piece of  paradise.

Helping different cultures  gives us a mission with a purpose of service different markets.
Chapalajara Real Estate offers a service and results based on 22 years of experience in sales and costumer service by its director Angelo De Aguinaga and his awesome team.

Welcome to the Ribera de Chapala!!! A paradise for Guadalajara.. of course!!!

Our vision: To have the preference of the multicultural market, due to a trajectory of shared achievements and to be recognized for having and maintaining the purpose of really advising the clients to invest/buy what is really convenient and not based our service exclusively on what we need to sell you.

Our Mission: To serve the National and International market as it deserves, Sensing your true needs with our experience; and thus with the knowledge we have of the local and international market and its culture.


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Company's Agents
Ana Laura Gomez-Ibarra
ana@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 106-1206 (33) 3186-7697
I am a well-rounded community and family woman with diverse interests, I was born and raised in Guadalajara, and lived in London, England when I was a teenager and studied English. I had also lived in the Bay area of San Francisco, California. I had thoroughly enjoyed living in the lakeside area since 2006. I studied at The University Autonoma of Guadalajara and have a bachelors degree in Educatio READ MORE
Angelo De Aguinaga Nepote (Broker)
angelo@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic. Office Opens: M-F 9-5 S 10-2 Sunday 11-2, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 106-1206 (33) 3556-4343
More than 23 Successful Years on Sales and Real Estate Experience. Knowledge, Responsibility and Control Working for You! READ MORE
Barbara Gomez
barbara@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-106-1206 (33) 1386-2080
I was born in Mexico City, grew up in Guadalajara, I am a lawyer with more than 6 years of experience in real property, performing assignments in the government like Registro Público de la Propiedad y Comercio, as well in the private sector like  Notarias Públicas.My goal as a realtor is fulfill the expectations of the clients. Real estate is the art of being a valuable advisor, not a salespers READ MORE
Christian Parada
christian@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-106-1206 (33) 2648-4751
As a Bi-Lingual Agent Christian was born in Guadalajara Jalisco and for over 24 years he lived in the U.S. in the Capital of California. He started in Real Estate working as a Loan Officer in 2004 – 2007, and due to the Real Estate crash back in 2008 - 2010 he had to change fields and started to work as a Sales Representative for a Latino Local Magazine called MITO magazine; which in time I beca READ MORE
Elena De Aguinaga
elena@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-106-1206 (33) 3147-0509
Ready to help! READ MORE
Felipe de Aguinaga
felipe@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 1061206 (33) 1158-2335
Ready to help! READ MORE
Fernando Solano
fernando@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-106-1206 (33) 1293 2599
Ready to help! READ MORE
Santiago Madero
santiago@chapalajara.com Carr. Poniente # 63 y 65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-106-1206 (33) 2255 6098
As an attorney, Santiago Madero is well-trained in the art of negotiations. A native of Mexico City, he began his career as an environmental attorney and then became the head of environmental issues for Mexico´s largest construction company.Following his heart and passion he then went on to achieve a Master´s Degree in Holistic Science at Schumacher College in England with the objective of bring READ MORE

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